Capt. Brian Gagnon

(100 ton master captain) Being a native of Bay St. Louis, Brian was born in a skiff. Running around all day from the Jourdan river down to the barrier islands and surrounding marshes is just a way of life. Natives of Bay St. Louis don’t get the nickname “bay rat” for nothing. Brian started on “Southern Way” spring of 2004.

Capt/Mate Skylar Lanier

(100 ton master captain) Capt. Skylar was born and raised on the MS Gulf Coast. He’s been fishing these waters ever since he could
hold a fishing rod. He’s sure to put some fish in the box!

Mate Lamar Boswell

Being a native of Hancock county gulf coast, I was raised on the water trapping in the marsh and crawfishing in the swamps as a lil boy to shrimping and fishing from the Jordan River to all the surrounding barrier islands and marshes out to the rigs offshore. Some would go as far to say that i have saltwater running though my veins.

You will be pleased with not only the experience of your crew, but also the patience, knowledge, and don’t forget the stories. Look forward to seeing you.